Conference Access


As an attendee you can experience the conference from your desktop or tablet with the FNDS Attendee Website. From here, you will be able to watch live stream sessions, visit virtual exhibitor booths and posters, schedule appointments, share feedback, and more.


  1. Access the login page. Click or tap on this link to access the FNDS Attendee Website login page for the virtual site.
  2. Enter your info. You'll be prompted to enter your first name, last name, and email address. Then click Next. Please make sure to use the same email address you used when you registered for the conference.
  3. Verify your account. You'll either receive an email and text message containing a verification code, or just an email. Read it, then return to your browser, enter the code, and click Log in.

You'll be logged in and taken to the FNDS Attendee Website Home page.

We encourage you to log into the FNDS Attendee Website before Sunday, June 19 when the conference begins to ensure you can access the website and to become familiar with the layout.

NOTE: Verification codes can only be used once and expire after 24 hours. If you're logging in on multiple devices, you'll receive a new verification code for each.


There are five main sections within the FNDS Attendee Website to explore.


Attendees land on the Home page when they first access the FNDS Attendee Website. The Home page is made up of the following sections, such as, viewing upcoming sessions, event details, attendee information, networking, feedback, and more.


Here, attendees can browse all their available sessions. Attendees can click on a session to view more information and stream the session when it is live.


Attendees can search, browse, and view the profiles of others attending the event. Please note that your profile will only appear in the attendee list if you have enabled the Visible option in your profile settings.


To view a list of posters, exhibitors, and sponsors visit the Expo menu item

My Items

The following items are found in the top-right:

  • My Schedule - Accessible by hovering your cursor over the notepad icon and clicking View your full schedule.
  • Notifications - Accessible by hovering your cursor over the bell icon.
  • Messages - Accessible by hovering your cursor over the thought bubble icon and clicking View all messages.
  • Profile - Accessible by hovering your cursor over the profile picture or initials.
  • Settings - Accessible by hovering your cursor over the profile picture or initials and clicking Settings

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