Submit a Case for Presentation

Case submissions will open in November.

Each evening of the FNDS Meeting, FNDS will host a case session where general attendees can learn from a series of unusual (and/or highly illustrative) patients across diagnosis and treatment and to see how senior experts approach these types of challenging cases.

Members of the program committee will select the most interesting and educational cases for presentation at the meeting. Video will be highly recommended, and required for the general Grand Rounds session. All cases should have a known diagnosis that will be shared at the end of the presentation.

All cases will require signed patient consent for presentation, including consent for use of audio and/or video.

Sunday, June 14: Grand Rounds
Monday, June 15: Junior Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds: Members and those interested in becoming a member are eligible to submit a case for this session.

Junior Grand Rounds: Students, trainees, and early career professionals within two years of leaving or completing training are eligible to submit a case for this session. Those selected to present will be awarded with complimentary meeting registration.