2017 Conference Presentations

International Conference on Functional Neurological Disorders Presentation Videos

Day 1: Phenomenology
September 6, 2017


Lessons from Shellshock (part 1) (part 2); Sir Simon Wessely
Neurological Diagnostic Criteria; Anthony E. Lang
Psychiatric Classification; David L. Perez

Clinical Update

Overview of Psychogenic Movement Disorders; Joseph Jankovic
Phenotyping in Functional Movement Disorders; Marina AJ de Koning-Tijssen
Functional Auditory Disorders; David Baguley
Functional Eye Movement Disorders / Vision; Diego Kaski
Dizziness and PPPD; Jeffrey P. Staab
Functional Cognitive Symptoms; Stoyan Popkirov
Functional Speech Disorders; Joseph R. Duffy
Non-epileptic Attacks: Subjective Symptoms; Markus Reuber
Non-epileptic Attacks: Semiology; W. Curt LaFrance, Jr.

Day 2: Aetiology and Mechanism
September 7, 2017


Psychological Models and Discussion; Alan J. Carson
Genetics and Epigenetics; Primavera Spagnolo
Early Life Experiences and Life Events; Selma Aybek


Neurophysiology; Mark Hallett
Predictive Brain Models; Mark J. Edwards
Imaging Movement; Patrik Vuilleumier
Imaging Agency (part 1) (part 2); Valerie Voon
Imaging Emotions and Memories; Anthony David
Hypnosis (part 1) (part 2); Quinton Deeley
Nature of the Placebo Effect (part 1) (part 2); Fabrizio Benedetti

Day 3: Treatment
September 8, 2017

Setting the Scene

Attitudes and Ethics; Karen S. Rommelfanger

Initial Explanation/Assessment

The Consultation as Treatment; Jon Stone

Physical/Multidisciplinary Treatment

Physiotherapy; Glenn Neilsen
Inpatient Treatment; Kathrin LaFaver

Psychological and Pharmacological Treatment

Pharmacological Therapy; Eileen Joyce
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Laura H. Goldstein
Psychodynamic Psychotherapies (part 1) (part 2); Richard J. Brown


Prognosis; Jeannette M. Gelauff
How Should We Measure Outcome?; Timothy R. Nicholson