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"Dis-sociated" The first feature documentary on dissociative seizures (NEAD, PNES)

This is the first feature-length documentary about dissociative (functional / non-epileptic) seizures. It follows a number of patients and captures their journey to gaining a better understanding of their seizure disorders.

"FND an Introduction"

An introductory film about the diagnosis and treatment of FND completed in December 2018 by the Dutch film company iTZiT productions, with grateful thanks for funding by Spohr Innovations.

The film has been designed to describe what FND is (particularly functional motor symptoms like paralysis and movement disorders), how its diagnosed and how treatment can help. Features:  Marieke, Rachel, Simon,  and Rien Vermeulen (Neurology, Amsterdam), Jon Stone (Neurology, Edinburgh), Alan Carson (Neuropsychiatry), Bart van Buchem (Physiotherapist, Amsterdam). With thanks as well to Stichting FNS, FNDHope, NHS Lothian, University of Edinburgh and Fysiotherapie Haarlem - Praktijk Noorder Spaarne

The following four short films are all around a minute long and give a brief introduction to FND, its causes and treatment. They were conceived and organised by Alex Lehn, Neurologist in Brisbane, as part of Australian FND network by Explanimate

What is FND?

What Causes FND?

Can you have FND and other neurological conditions?

How is FND treated?

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