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Functional Neurological Disorder:
Psychological Treatment 101

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Functional Neurological Disorder:
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May Feature:  Functional Tics presented by José Fidel Baizabal Carvallo, MD, MSc with commentary by Joseph Jankovic, MD

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Joining FND Society means being part of a multi-disciplinary group with a shared interest in this fascinating and evolving field and a shared mission to advance scientific research and improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with functional neurological disorder.

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Welcome to the Functional Neurological Disorder Society

The Functional Neurological Disorder Society is devoted to improving lives of patients with a functional neurological disorder.  Our goals are to increase awareness and education.  The Society is multidisciplinary including neurology, psychiatry, psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation medicine, ophthalmology, neuro-otology and others.  We welcome members in all these categories. 

The Society is fully cooperative with other professional organizations, such as the World Federation of Neurology, the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS), the American Epilepsy Society, the American Neuropsychiatric Association, and the British Neuropsychiatric Association.  We are grateful for their support as well as support from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke of the National Institutes of Health.

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