Virtual Education Course

Functional Neurological Disorder: Putting Principles into Practice

Coming June 1, 2023


Mary Angela O'Neal
Assessment & Management of FND: the General Neurologist's Perspective

Wesley Kerr
Functional Seizures: Video Rounds

Francesca Morgante
Functional Movement Disorder: Video Rounds

Jon Stone
How to Communicate the Diagnosis of FND and Develop an Initial Treatment Plan

Lindsey MacGillivray
The Role of the Psychiatrist in the Assessment & Management of FND

Dara Albert
The Pediatric Neurology Perspective – Special Considerations

Kasia Kozlowska
Program Spotlight: The Mind-Body Treatment Program for Pediatric FND

Glenn Nielsen, Sarah Cope, Cath Gregory, and Jason Kreuzman
The Importance of Multidisciplinary Care

FND Recovery - Maxanne McCormick
Patient Perspective – What Physicians and Other Clinicians Should Know



Thursday June 15, 2023 at 11:00 AM Eastern time
90-minute webinar on how to address challenges across clinical care settings with short talks by David Perez and Sara Finkelstein. The webinar will include a lively panel discussion from FND experts including Alan Carson, Barbara Dworetzky, Michele Tinazzi, Mark Edwards, Gaston Baslet, Sarah Lidstone, Dara Albert, and Sara Finkelstein.



Join Functional Neurological Disorder Society (FNDS) Alan J. Carson, MD of the University of Edinburgh, FNDS President, and Dara Albert, DO, MEd of Nationwide Children's Hospital, FNDS Virtual Education Course Co-Chair, discuss the virtual education course "Functional Neurological Disorder: Putting Principles into Practice."

Functional Neurological Disorder Society · Functional Neurological Disorder: Putting Principles into Practice

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