Community Partner Organizations

FND Hope

FND Hope is a charitable organization promoting awareness and support for individuals and careers affected by Functional Neurological Disorders.  We envision a world where FND patients can expect to be treated with dignity, care and respect, regardless of the cause of their symptoms.


FND Hope UK raises public awareness and understanding of Functional Neurological Disorder [FND] and empower patients to better health. Their pioneering efforts are changing the way the United Kingdom views FND.

FND Action

FND Action's vision is to shine a light on Functional Neurological Disorders so that people diagnosed feel heard, supported, and empowered within the UK.

FND Dimensions

FND Dimensions aims to build a platform for patients with FND to come together. To diminish the feeling of isolation and link with others who face similar day-to-day challenges in the UK. Through mutual support and acceptance the ability of ‘Strengthening Mind and Body’ we believe can be achieved


FND FrieNDs, based in the Southwest of England, aims to support and educate those who have a diagnosis of FND.  As well as helping to encourage greater understanding within the medical profession.

FND Australia Support Services

FND Australia Support Service's vision is to advance knowledge and services for people with FND in Australia, so that Australian’s affected by FND may live a fulfilling life and reach their full potential.

FND Hope Canada

FND Hope Canada promotes awareness and supports affected individuals in Canada.

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