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Topics by Year
2020   |   2021   |   2022   |   2023

2020 Topics

May 14: What are Functional Neurological Disorders? An Introduction to FND 
Mark Hallett, MD

May 21: Dissociative Seizures: Challenges and Practical Solutions
Gaston C. Baslet, MD and Barbara A. Dworetzky, MD

May 28: Functional Movement Disorder Q&A
Anthony Lang, MD, FRCPC and Sarah C. Lidstone MD, PhD

June 4: Journal Club: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Adults with Dissociative Seizures (CODES)
Laura H. Goldstein, PhD, MPhil, FBPsS

June 11: Sharing the Diagnosis of FND
Jon Stone, PhD

June 18: Basing FND Treatment on Understanding Mechanism
Alan J. Carson, MD

June 25: Notes from the First International Imaging Workgroup Meeting in FND
Selma Aybek, MD and David Perez, MD

July 2: Functional vs. Other Dystonia Presentations
Joseph Jankovic, MD

July 9: Setting up a Telemedicine Clinic for Patients with Functional Movement Disorder
Kathrin LaFaver, MD, Erica Sieg, PsyD, and Shari Marchbanks, PT, DPT, NCS

July 16: Physiotherapy for FND
Glenn Nielsen, PhD

July 23: Setting up an FND Teaching Curriculum
Alex C. Lehn, MD with commentary by Prof. Michael Sharpe

July 30: Functional Cognitive Disorders
Harriet Ball, PhD and Laura McWhirter

August 6: Occupational Therapy in FND
Clare Nicholson with commentary by Nathan Zasler, MD

August 13: Trial Methodology in FND 
Alberto J. Espay, MD, MSc with commentary by Vaughan Bell, PhD

August 20: Treatment of Patients with Conversion (Functional) Disorders
W. Curt LaFrance, Jr., MD, MPH 

August 27: Genetics, Childhood Trauma, and Functional Movement Disorder
Primavera Spagnolo, MD with commentary by Mark Hallett, MD

September 3: Why FND Is Not Malingering
Mark J. Edwards, MBBS, BSc, FRCP, PhD

September 10: An Activity Based Inter Disciplinary Rehabilitation Approach to FND
Anika Aakerøy Jordbru

September 17: The Translational Neural Circuitry of Anxiety
Prof. Oliver Robinson with commentary by Alfonso Fasano, MD, PhD

September 24: Conversation Analysis in FND
Markus Reuber, MD, PhD, FRCP

October 1: Functional Gait Disorders
Bas Bloem, MD, PhD

October 8: Persistent Postural-perceptual Dizziness: A Functional Neurotologic Disorder
Jeffrey P. Staab, MD

October 15: Functional Tics
José Fidel Baizabal Carvallo, MD, MSc with commentary by Joseph Jankovic, MD

October 22: Neuroscience-based Discussion of FND
Sepideh Bajestan, MD, PhD and Michel Medina, MD with commentary by Luciana Giambarberi, MD

October 29: Stress and FND: A Complex Relationship
Timothy R. Nicholson, MD, PhD

November 5: Occupational Therapy for Sensory Processing Difficulties in FND: A Promising Approach
Jessica Ranford, MS, OTR/L and Julie MacLean, OTR/L

November 12: Psychodynamic Therapy for FND
Richard J. Brown BSc (Hons), PhD, ClinPsyD, CPsychol, SFHEA

November 19: Psychogenic Amnesia
Michael Kopelman, PhD, FBPsS, FRCPsych

December 3: What's in a Name?
An International Moderated Discussion with Many Points of View Regarding the Name(s) of Seizure Variant FND
Presented by Barbara A. Dworetzky, MD with Moderator David L. Perez, MD, MMSc

December 10: SHIFT Trial - Internet Education for FND
Jeannette M. Gelauff, MD with commentary by Marina AJ De Koning-Tijssen, MD, PhD

2021 Topics

January 7: FND in Delhi: Clinical Spectrum and Diagnostic Challenges
Sanjay Pandey, MD DM with commentary by Carine W. Maurer, MD, PhD

January 14: Functional Tics and Complex Repetitive Behaviours
Christos Ganos, MD

January 21: Emergency Presentations of FND
Stoyan Popkirov, Dr. med.

January 28: Depression in Neurological Disease 
Alan J. Carson, MB ChB, MPhil, MD

February 4: Agency, Belief, and Stress
Selma Aybek, MD

February 11: Screening Scores for Dissociative Seizures Prior to Video-EEG
Wesley Kerr, MD, PhD

February 18: Somatic Symptom Disorder – Out of Date or More Timely Than Ever?
Bernd Löwe, Prof. Dr. med. Dipl. Psych

February 25: Findings from a National FND Database
Michele Tinazzi, MD, PhD

March 4: Laboratory Assisted Diagnosis of FND
Petra Schwingenschuh, MD moderated by Karlo J. Lizarraga, MD, M.Sc.

March 11: Inflammation and Mental Health – The Novel Frontier
Carmine Pariante, FRCPsych moderated by Christina M. Van Der Feltz-Cornelis, MD, PhD

April 15: The Evidence Base for Psychotherapies in FND
Myles Gutkin, Psychiatrist

April 22: Migraine and FND
Nina Riggins, MD, PhD

April 29: Drug Treatment for Functional Somatic Symptoms
Per Fink, MD, PhD, DMSc

May 6: Testing a Novel Pathway for Paediatric Functional Seizures
Tyson Sawchuk, PhD

May 13: Placebo Effects
Matthew J. Burke, MD, FRCPC

May 20: Recognition and Treatment of Physical Co-morbidities
Jan Coebergh, MBBS, FRCP

May 27: Brain Stimulation and FND
Béatrice Garcin, MD, PhD

June 3: Is There Still a Role for Abreaction?
Norman A. Poole, MD, FRCPsych, MSc

June 10: Hypnosis and FND
Jason Price, B.Sc., D.Clin.Psy, M.Sc. and Devin B. Terhune, Cognitive Neuroscientist

June 17: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and FND
Alfonso Fasano, MD, PhD, Alberto J. Espay, MD, MSc, and Francesca Morgante, MD, PhD

2022 Topics

March 22: Speech and Language Therapy for FND - A Study Day Webinar
Jon Stone, PhD, Laura McWhirter, PhD, Kirsty McKenzie, Dawn Golder, and Charmaine Smith

2023 Topics

May 4: Journal Club: A new science of emotion: Implications for functional neurological disorder
Johannes Jungilligens, PhD

June 1: Journal Club: What is brain fog?
Laura McWhirther, PhD, MRCP, MRCPsych

September 7: Journal Club: Unravelling the influence of affective stimulation on functional neurological symptoms: A pilot experiment examining potential mechanisms
Susannah Pick, PhD

September 19: Functional Symptoms and Other Neurological Diseases
Alfonso Fasano, MD, PhD and Stoyan Popkirov, PhD

October 5: Journal Club: Neuropsychiatric phenotypes in functional movement disorder
Gabriela Gilmour, MD

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