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2022 Volume 2 Number 1
Editors Note
On behalf of the Editorial Board of FNDS Newsletter, we hope that you and your family members continue to be healthy and safe during this challenging time of the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic. We would like to thank the entire FNDS community for contributing to this new issue of the FNDS Newsletter. For the second issue and first of 2022, the editorial board worked hard to pull together new exciting material. In this issue, we have included a hot topic article on ‘PNES and Driving’ with an interview with the first author Dr. Ali Asadi-Pooya. We are quite sure you will enjoy reading this. The research corner is a new addition to the newsletter highlighting recent developments in the field of functional neurological disorders. And lastly, you will find the details of The 4th International Conference on Functional Neurological Disorders which will be held on June 19-21 in Boston, MA USA. Make sure to mark your calendars.
We would like to thank the FNDS leadership, and all of the FNDS staff for their amazing support in making this possible. We hope you enjoy this and future issues of the FNDS Newsletter.
Sincere regards,
The Editorial Team
Research Spotlight: Driving a motor vehicle and psychogenic nonepileptic seizures: ILAE Report by the Task Force on Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures
Advising patients about driving after having a spell of nonepileptic seizures is a challenge all physicians will face when treating FND. 
Read interview with Ali A. Asadi-Pooya, MD
SAVE THE  DATES: Join us on June 19-21, 2022 for the 4th International Conference on Functional Neurological Disorders. Click the banner for more information.
FND Book Review: Not There: A Story of Functional Neurological Disorder
by Erica Sieg, PsyD
Written by Gavin Inglis and illustrated by Fin Cramb, "Not There" is a short Graphic Story highlighting a young woman’s experience with non-epileptic seizures. Despite being short, this story covers important topics of non-epileptic seizure impact on the individual's sense of self, relationships, and work, and highlights her experience with the medical community including diagnostic challenges, medical ethics, and ultimately portrays the benefits of proper diagnosis and treatment which enable her to regain her life.
Link to "Not There"
Research Corner
Scoping Review of FND
Prof. Christina van der Feltz-Cornelis from University of York has initiated a scoping review exploring the diagnosis and treatment of FND.
More Information
FMD China
On December 8th 2021 the Chinese Functional Movement Disorder Registry Study launched led by Professor Gang Wang, involving over 20 centers across mainland China.
More Information
International Survey
Prof. Gavin Williams and Sara Issak from the University of Melbourne have launched an observational study of self-reported symptoms of Functional Gait Disorders
More Information
Recently there have been two important announcements from the NIH NINDS in regards to FND research. PAR-22-053 solicits applications for the validation of biomarkers, endpoints, and clinical outcome assessments. NOT-NS-22-010 solicits applications for biomarker discoveries and validation in functional neurological disorders.
"Clinician scientists in neurology and mental health are very excited about the recently announced Notice of Special Interest (NOT-NS-22-010) NINDS FND biomarker funding opportunity, which is focused on the development and validation of biomarkers for patients with functional neurological (conversion) disorder. This grant mechanism will build on the diagnostic and treatment advances made over the past 20 years in the field." Curt LaFrance.
What to expect?
by Renzo Figari, MD
After 2 years of online meetings, we are ready (at least I am) to get together and meet in person again. It is with great excitement that I would like, as my first in-person meeting, to see you at the 4th International Conference on Functional Neurological Disorders.
Initially scheduled for 2020, the meeting had to be delayed by the COVID pandemic. But that did not come without a silver lining. The FNDS responded with the weekly webinars, which are now one of the best resources on FND on the internet. You will see some of those familiar faces at the meeting which will give you a great opportunity to learn the latest research in FND. Below I would like to highlight my day-by-day best of the 2022 Conference.
On Sunday, what better way to start the morning than listening to Prof. Alan J. Carson talking on FND-Then and Now. Giving an insight into the present and future of FND. After a morning listening to the Clinical Presentations of FND, I'm sure not to miss the Presidential Address by Mark Hallett, MD, Dr. Med(hon), FNDS President. Finishing the day with my favorite part, the Video Grand Rounds.
After getting my coffee, Monday morning starts with the effects of early development in FND where I would not like to miss the perspective by David L. Perez. Later in the day, you will find the session on Neuroimaging and the use of Functional and Structural imaging.
On the last day, we have a morning focus on the treatment of FND followed by the lunchtime workshops A and B each with 4 parallel sessions of highly interesting topics. You will find me for sure in the FMDs Triggered By Social Media with Mered Parnes, MD.
These are only a few of the many sessions scheduled during the 3-day meeting. Go to our social media links and tell us which sessions are you looking for. I am excited to hear from you and meet you this coming June.
Live events given by global experts in the FND field. Are free and open to the public with recordings  available for members.
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Last updated: February 3, 2022

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